Dear Friends,
Our company is glad to introduce you to our innovative, unique and incredibly comfortable  Verto Jacket (for men and women), which our design agency Verto Design has been elaborating for 3 months.
The uniqueness of our jacket is that it was invented and created as comfortable as possible for your trip.
Verto Jacket provides you with maximum comfort during your trip by plane, bus, car or train. While waiting at the airport, bus or train station as well.
It also makes it easier for you to go fishing, hunting or hiking.
Our jacket is created from an innovative softshell fabric, which does not allow moisture to pass, retains heat in the cold weather and cool in the warm season.
It provides 15 different pockets for things that constantly have to be with you on the road, such as: a passport pocket, pockets for mobile phone and tablet, a pocket for additional battery for your mobile phone, a secret pocket for documents or cash, and much more.
Our jacket provides a pillow and a sleep mask for your rest during the flight, trip or waiting for your flight.
Verto Jacket was created to arouse travel craving!