About us

Have you ever experienced discomfort while travelling due to lack of pockets? When you do not know where to put your phone, passport, wallet, tablet, tickets, sunglasses and many other things you need at the same time while travelling? Have you ever had a situation where you have to untangle the wires of headphones before listening to music? Or when, during a flight on a plane or a trip on a bus, your gadget’s battery has run out and the powerbank is hidden far away in your luggage? Or during a long flight or moving you wanted to take a nap, but you do not get comfortable in the chair? Of course, many were in this situation and thought how good it would be to always have everything you need at your fingertips. But is it possible?

Our team consists of modern and active people who travel a lot and experience the same difficulties. After analyzing all the possibilities for solving such problems, we tried to come up with a jacket that is designed to help us.


Young and creative designers helped us come up with a design that is consistent with modern trends and will appeal to both men and women.






Experienced technologists helped to choose the most innovative materials, so that our jackets would be warm in cool and cool in warm weather. Using modern equipment, it became possible to produce a very beautiful and technological product designed to make your trip as convenient and comfortable as possible!

We hope that you will appreciate our efforts.